Suzanne Rubinetti, LCSW, CSW

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Psychotherapy and Consultation
Welcome to my website. I have worked with and helped hundreds of women and girls over the past thirty years. I have been incredibly inspired by some of the courageousness and bravery these women have demonstrated in their recovery.
I am very committed to my work. I take every opportunity to empower girls and women whether it is speaking to a gym class on body image, challenging college girls to embrace their beauty or participating in a Dove Beauty Workshop. One of the most exciting, memorable projects I participated in was a ground-breaking conference held in NYC entitled, "Endangered Species: The Female Body"
The message must continue to reach girls and women — beauty and wellness is defined within the entire self not the number on a scale, not by your peer group, not by your hair color. Embracing your true authentic beauty is life-changing.

My interest in eating disorders dates back to my undergraduate years at Penn State University. My roommate was very sick with anorexia and bulimia. Although I had been a dieter in high school and very weight and body conscious, I had never known anyone to have a very serious life threatening eating disorder like my dear friend.

Eating disorders are fascinating, complicated illnesses. How could my roommate who was so frail and thin, consume 10,000 calories in one binge? How could she eat a "normal breakfast" and purge it just leaning over the toilet? My roommate eventually left Penn State and did get the treatment she needed and has been in recovery. It was a long journey and eye opening for me.

As I became more familiar with eating disorders and joined the Penn State staff as a Resident Assistant, I saw how prevalent these disorders were. My interest continued and I knew that being a therapist was part of my journey.

55 Woodland Avenue, Summit NJ
I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University and attended The Contemporary Center for Psychoanalytic Studies for 1 year.

The process of recovery for eating disorders is difficult and has many ups and downs, but it can happen. Never lose hope and never give up.

Thanks for visiting my website!

- Suzanne